I ended up working out tonight. I never workout on a Saturday night but I had no plans, ate some sushi (very little rice), and wanted to put in a little cardio and strength work for my upper body. I did a few sets of incline bench press, Hammer Strength Iso row, single arm cable presses, seated cable row, then topped off with shoulders and tri’s as a superset (lol I mentioned I did this in my workout the other day). Which is why my shoulders are turning into these huge caps (that I love). I normally workout on Saturdays in the morning, so I felt strange not doing SOMETHING. I snapped a few pics while at the gym, and I’ll also post some pics I took of my back on Friday.

My upper body has come a LONG way!  Been working hard to develop my V taper and shoulders too.

I think that it’s all coming together. So just plugging away. I also realised I made an error above. My macros breakdown to 30c/35p/35f.

Also the video keeps stuttering on my system sometimes when I try to play it, so in case it’s doing that on anyone else’s I’ll just repost it here since it’s too late to edit the above post.

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