I just want to put a quick post up of an updated progress pic in good lighting.

This is 13 wks out from California State, and 19 weeks from Team U. Starting to see the quad sep just a bit, abs are coming out to play, shoulders/arms getting lean. I always get super striated in my shoulders, can’t help that. Back is coming out to play as well. Starting to see the separation there too.

I am really huge on progress photos because it’s only then that I can tell what’s REALLY going on. I feel like the scale isn’t budging but the overall look is dramatically different than a few weeks ago. Also the pics help me to really get in on my posing.

My legs are naturally round and full. So I need to watch how they develop because I don’t want them getting too big. I may need to adjust my posing to downplay them a bit. I’m just trying to keep positive, keep pushing, and believe in myself that I can reach the impossible dreams in my head.


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