Today was a complete rest day for me. I normally take rest days on Thurs and Sunday. But now that I’m at the midway point in my prep, I’m going to drop my Thursday rest day. I’m sore from my hill extravaganza yesterday lol. But not overly sore.

I was looking at my recent pics. I need to get advice on this from Erik once he sends me my diet etc, but I think I may need to drop some size. I’m worried if I’m too muscular/big as far as what the trends of figure are currently. I could be TOTALLY being a little too critical, but this has been on my brain as of late. When I stand in the mirror while posing I feel ok. But when I see pics, I’m like gosh I’m dense! lol. I guess we’ll have to see what happens when I start to diet down some more. 

I’m happy to share that my suit is just about the perfect fit! It’s still not completely staying put on my butt lol (it’s a Rio cut pro back), but it’s way better than it was, and with bikini bite (and a few more lbs down) it should be fab.

It looks great though! Now I’m looking for the perfect jewelry. May will be here before I know it.

I just hope I’m physically on the right track for this season.


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