I think I’m an odd person. I really crave the new week. The weekend is cool and all, but the week is my favorite. Getting in my workouts, getting closer to the show, staying focused on a new day… That’s what gets me going.

I had a FABULOUS workout today. I did a total body workout. I’ve been working on front squats lately, and it’s added a new challenge for me. My workouts are pretty long. It takes me about an hour and a half (or sometimes an hour and 15 mins) to finish my whole program. Mind you that doesn’t include cardio. I don’t really do cardio anyway, but just sayin. Today I did 10 minutes of cardio lol. Sprint intervals. 30 seconds at a true HIGH INTENSITY PACE and then 1 min off. The weight training alone gets me sweating like a pig, panting like a dog, and shaking with the hard work I’m putting in. I did do a short round of outdoor sprints (5x at a distance of about 50-60m). And I began my strength workout with a power circuit of double leg power step ups, jumping lunges, and power medicine ball floor throws.

I started getting hungry at the end of my workout, lol, so I knew I was d-o-n-e. Then I got sleepy, lol. Now a few hours later, I feel worked. Good, but worked. Tomorrow is a running day, so no weights. Wed is an off day because I have a lunch date, and then Thurs, Fri, Saturday is on.

I’m getting leaner, so that’s good. My abs are out to play for good, no flexing needed. Today as I was checking myself out in the mirror (don’t act like you don’t), I could clearly start to see my glutes!!  And I don’t been a phat bootay, I mean MUSCLE!  So I’m on the right track. I can’t wait to run tomorrow. But first thing’s first… Hot bath + epsom salts + me = fabulous!


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