138.8 is what the scale said today! So I ran to the mirror to pose, and my quads POPPED OUT! I mean they were there before, but the seperation was even greater this morning. And that was only after day 1. I know my body probably has released some water I’ve been holding, but either way I feel so good, and I LOVE what I’m seeing in the mirror.

Yesterday I did get REALLY hungry. My workout kicked my butt, and I have a little less food on the workout day it seems than on my rest day. Today was a rest day, and I was so FULL from the portions. I’m topping off my last meal right now. Greek yogurt and peanut butter! I added some vanilla syrup to my yogurt (sugar free) and a little truvia. I’m slowly eating it because again, girl is full! I’m so happy about that too because it feels great to not be thinking about food and eating something every 5 mins lol.

I was tired today though. So I rested. By tonight, the end of the night, I feel fine. I mean you know what happens at this point. You’re pushing your body. You’ve been pushing it for weeks. You’re at that brink where your body fat is falling to levels beyond that of human normalcy. So your body tells you to go sit your ass down somewhere. And you gotta just do it.

I got a call from the trainer I had did a few sessions with. He’s doing well. I told him that the high volume ish is NOT for my body at all. He was understanding and we overall had a good conversation. I really don’t need anyone to train me. So I’m gonna keep doing what I do. I told him today though, and this is a realization that I’ve made up to this point, I am SO excited and kind of nervous about this season. Not in a bad way. Just in a way that I know that I may actually bring a great package, and I feel like I may have a really good season. You can’t control the outcome of what may happen or how you place, but if what I’m presenting now is a huge improvement on what I presented last year, then based on that alone, I should have a good run. So that makes me nervous. Nervous about success. I’m a real nut job I know.  All I know is that, this prep has been great. And I can’t wait to share what I’ve done on the stage. 

I’m in a really good place right now.

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