I’m melting…

Ok so CLEARLY the blue suit is a better fit, and accentuates my body more. But let’s look past that. As of this morning I am 138 even. I look smaller this week in size than the pic from last week (in blue) to me. I think I may have been retaining water with my period etc. But the pics from this week DO NOT show my poppin quads damn it lol. I’m really obsessed wtih bringing out my legs. In the front and back. I want that TIGHT glute/ham tie in and separated quads. It’s coming. I have to keep reminding myself to be patient. 

Yesterday, again after training I was just drained, so an adjustment may be needed for me. I realize my carbs are a bit lower on those days overall, so if the diet doesn’t get adjusted, I’ll have to take down the intensity of my workouts (which I would hate to do). I’m clearly not able to push as much as I was a number of weeks back, so the energy drop is noticable. I still haven’t upped my cardio at all. In fact, I’m not even doing any at the gym. The only cardio type of activity I’m getting in are my runs 2-3 days a week. And the total time of each of those workouts are about 30 mins. Speed/power in the hills still. 

So keeping a close eye on the changes. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes. I just submitted my entry for California State. I need to get my NPC card. I can get it at the sign in but I’m going to do it today because I need that card # to register for Team U. I have my plane ticket to NYC. Looking into where I’m going to rent the car from. Right now I’m going to get some new shoes from a lingerie store lol. If I can’t find a pair for around $35 I will def order online. And off to MAC to figure out what colors to go with for eye shadows and my suit. 


My mother will be coming to my show in May! She’s flying in from NYC!  Ok my brain is drained. Time for meal 2, lol.

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