Houston We Have A Problem…..

I had a mini freak out yesterday, lol. In my car. I’m hyperventaliting because I’m dead ass tired, I’m on a rest day, my body was SORE, I am anxious about it STILL being 2 weeks out. I started sulking that I had been prepping for 16 weeks. Baby shit, suck it up. So I emailed Erik and told him what was going down. He told me, GREAT that’s normal, lol. And gave me some words I needed to hear really, and it calmed me down so I can focus and not stuff my face with another mini granola bar (it was only 80 calories, lol… 80 DEEEELICIOUS calories ). I think it was just the mental wall we all hit at some point in our preps. Some hit it sooner, I hit it quite a bit later. I started to doubt myself oddly enough. Started to think and realize at this point if I even try to eat off my plan and eat some crap out of pity and emotion, that I can totally screw up all of the progress I’ve made thus far, and that’s just dumb. I had a few extra carbs that weren’t on my plan yesterday (**cough cough** air popped popcorn  — which I LOVE), but it wasn’t that bad at all. In fact I can have it post workout, I just haven’t been making it. But anyways, after my email with Erik, my confidence was back and I was immediately back on track.

The extra carbs left me looking SO full, so vascular. And what do you know, I stepped on the scale to see the damage… 135.8 this morning. So it was virtually none.

Needless to say, today I felt so much better. I’m feeling strong. My energy was back up. I’m not really hungry. I mean I am hungry, but it doesn’t bother me at all because it’s so minor. I can have a nice salad to keep it at bey, so that’s always good. Love my spinach.

I’m taking tomorrow off to rest again, and I’ll be back to work in full force on Monday in the gym. I get a REFEED THIS WEEK!!! Pancakes, waffles, pasta, and white jasmine rice HERE I COME!!! I’m so excited. Both Erik and I agree that I’m exactly where I need to be for the stage right now. So my diet hasn’t changed much except for the refeed day. I get to have it on one of my workout days, so I will likely do it Wed or so.

I went to the grocery store to pick up a new little treat for myself for this week. My post workout meal this week will be sponsored by Angel Food Cake:

 Damn I can’t wait til Monday!!!


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