Well. First place Class E. And aparently possily 2nd Overall according to one of the judges, but I’m gonna check the score card. It came down to the girl who won the overall and myself. The judges told me the reason I didn’t get the overall is because of my posing. They told me that because I carry so much muscle to just relax. I have the structure, I have the tone already, so flexing makes me too hard. They said 2 yrs ago I would have taken the title no problems, but with figure going softer I need to just watch out for that. I know this was not just a thing that was thrown out there because the judge actually came to me after the show and told me. I didn’t even go to the judges table, I was going to email the head judge which was Zhanna Rotar (I LOVE her lol). I also got the same critique from a national level BB who was in the audience, who said he thought I would take the title but he asked my permission to give me pointers, and exactly what the judges said, he said lol. Easy fixes.

This show’s prep and victory for me was a lesson in humility. I think that every experience in life is supposed to teach you something. That you should walk away from each event having grown a step further than you were before experience that moment.

I’ll admit something I’m ashamed of. I was really disappointed in myself over not winning the overall, because I shot for that goal and I’m an overachiever. But I had to stop for a moment and really say “how dare you,” how dare I have the audacity to be upset with myself in a moment like this? So after I put myself in check, I was able to look at the fact that in EIGHT MONTHS, I have never placed out of a top 3 spot. I’ve done 3 shows, 2 of them now very large, possibly national level type of shows so this is an AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT. And the moment I realized this, I was able to revel in the glory of what I just have done. What I’ve learned from all of this is A.) it’s just a fucking SHOW damn it. 6 seconds, a fleeting moment on stage. In that moment all that matters is you revel in the accomplishment to be able to stand on stage among amazingly beautiful women and show your hard work and dedication to a healthy lifestyle; and B.) no matter WHERE you place it’s all subjective and it ain’t that serious, really.

I think for me I’ve grown SO much in the last 8 months. I’m so proud to say I have actually been steadily improving, each show. So now I have a first, a second, and a third place trophy on my shelf, now I just need an overall, and a national level one and my NPC collection will be totally complete lol.  C’moooon y’all know I can’t function without goals. This experience has humbled me, it has made me realize that I can accomplish whatever goals I set my mind to, it has taught me that I love being on stage presenting my hard work, and that I need to trust myself more. It has also taught me that great champions are not born from their winnings, instead they are brought about from the hunger of their defeat and the drive that comes about from the desire to be their very best. And with that, when I next hit them gym, I have my headphones on, my Beyonce boppin, my eyes fixed on the next stop on this journey….

Team Universe.


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