I was thinking… Im not so much upset about my placings as I am kinda at a loss for myself. I’m going to take time off and decide what i want to do. I like WPD but I’m not in love with it FOR ME, and i don’t wish to get any bigger than I am. I got totally reamed by a coach who will go unnamed whom I am not even working with for my training style and the fact that “my team let me step on the national stage looking the way I did”. Kinda has me second guessing my decision to compete, although I keep telling myself I will step on stage again.If I’m too big etc, then it may just say fuck it. For now, I’m going to just take a month off, stay out of the gym, and hit the dance studio again to kind of clear my mind. I know I’m a lot bigger than most of the girls now, and hell I’m not even that damn big. We’ll see!


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