That’s what the scale read yesterday. That is EXACTLY what I STEPPED ON STAGE AS AFTER A WATER DROP! Which means if I were to hypothetically step on stage this weekend, I’d be in the high 120’s!!!  Which would put me exactly where I was back when I placed third at the Easterns and 2nd at Tournament of Champions. So mission is definitely being accomplished. Now don’t get too happy. I still have some more weight I want to drop. I want to have my AM weight at 127 ish, so a water drop would put me more along the lines of 124/125 or less. That would be perfect for my frame. It seems like most of the E class girls who have some muscle (and place well lol – caveat) are around that weight. So at least I’d blend in. But then it would be up to me to use my RoxStar fierce pixie dust on my presentation to set me apart. Easy peasy! 

Hey guess who I saw at the gym today… The person I told you who told me that I had no business bringing the package I brought to Team U on a National Stage. He couldn’t even look me in the eye.  I guess he got mad when I told him that sizing down isn’t the rocket science everyone tries to make this game out to be. That it simply exercise science, nutrition, and physiology. It’s a hell of a lot easier. Fucker. Anyways. I have a lot of people looking at me to fail. I know I do. Because I do EVERYTHING outside of the box and I beat to my own drum. A lot of people in our industry seem to want to postulate knowledge on you, without even knowing you, your body, or anything about you. And I’m not down for that at all. I mean my idea of a fun effective workout is not a superset of a thousand and one walking lunges followed by leg extensions done a million times… Like the client was doing. And kept doing them in the area near me… Anyways. Tanget. Ain’t no thang. Can’t steal my joy baby. I’ll blow ya out the water.

So my workout today, and yesterday kicked my own butt! Seriously. I was hungrier than a MOFO afterwards. I’ll share some of my workouts later this week cause you guys may be wondering what the hell I’m doing that’s so different. In fact I’m going to update with a video this week, and I’ll talk about all that stuff then too. It’s more fun to watch a video than read a million words on a screen. I like books with pictures lol.

Anyway, enough about me. I want to share something with you guys! So I know I blah blah blah’ed about Team Roxstar. My ladies are in training now for shows in 2012. 2 will be doing shows here in LA in March. And the other girl is one of my online gals, and she will be doing a show in her state. So get a load of what my girls have been able to knock out!! I”m a proud coach.

Carol – So she came to me a few months ago when Team RoxStar was a figment of my imagination. She wanted to train, and she lives in a totally different state and time zone. I said no problem, TRS is just starting and I really want to get some online clients up and started. She was one of the first to join, and I now have a number of others! Her initial goal is to just reshape her body. I wanted to bring up her legs, her glutes, back, and shoulders (a bit). She has a great frame to start off with, so with the training, diet, and posing, I know she’ll do great. She’s also quite small. In any case, there was a month where she had to step back because her life went in many directions. But she still came out with some great progress. We will be starting with her posing lessons this week. I’m doing them over Skype with her.

Look at her legs and her glutes! Her shoulders have come up in the back as well. Her waist is coming in. Mind you, we are bulking her! She already had a small history of working out and was following a whacked out diet and training program with someone who obviously had no idea what they were doing…  Protein shakes with EVERY MEAL six times a day…. And a bunch of useless supplements. Now she just takes protein PWO, creatine, and fish oil. Holla!

I think with improved posing you’ll be able to see more improvements. So just stay tuned, I’m gonna fix that.

Next is Crystal. She came to me about 2 months ago now. The progress photos below are 4 weeks apart. She’s a mom of 2 (my client above is a MOM OF 3). She was a cardio bunny, doing Tae Bo classes here in LA, and hardly any weights. The other day she almost died when I introduced Oly bar bench presses to her…  She did amazingly, but just saying, never has a trainer actually made her push weight.

She saw a friend post pics of herself on Facebook when she competed in a figure competition and won. She says her friend looked anorexic ( ), but it inspired her to want to get off her butt and do that too. She’s always wanted to, and wants to see if she can discipline herself enough to really go for it.

Well let me say, she is probably one of my most compliant clients EVER. I actually had to beg her to do her refeed and that it was OK to eat the amount of carbs I asked her to eat. She came out looking nice and lean. I’ve got to take new pics because she’s even smaller/tighter than the most recent pic shown here (yep leaner after that refeed).

The most dramatic changes can be clearly seen in this side/side photo. She has flattened her stomach, learned how to correct posture and gained a butt. She lost 8 lbs since the two photos in fact! Lost 2 1/4 inches from her waist, 1.5 inches from her hips, 1.75 inches off her butt (smaller but much tighter)! 


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