Thanks guys. I’m now unbelievably calm. The next 3 weeks are just minor tweaks. Feeling strong. I just am so… I don’t know the word… suprised/shocked/happy/satisfied (if there’s one that can encompass all of that) about the way my body has changed. I mean, yeah, it’s what I’ve been working on, but on the other hand, it’s wild. I’m more curvy and feminine now, still have a strong look, a lot of muscle, but it’s not overpowering. I think it’s a look that looks good on me. So I’m not going to stress the hell out trying to change that. I think for the last few shows I’ve been focusing on fitting a mold. What I’ve come to realize that it’s not about that. Instead it’s about getting the mold to fit who you are. It’s about pushing to your limits and seeing how much you can coax the body to change. What’s cool is that I know that I have even more growth and changes that I can make to make my body even better. So next year is all about that. I want the shoulders rounder and fuller. I want the legs even more streamlined. I want my lats to tie into a sick tiny waist. I want a sweeter glute/ham tie in. So that’s my focus once Nats is over.

I’ve decided on my shows for next year.

Starting the season off with The Arnolds!  I also decided that I’m going to do just big shows. So next year I won’t be doing any local shows except for the California State since it’s a few weeks before the USAs (which I’m DEFINTELY doing), and I might do the Emerald Cup. I’m going to hit one of the Jr shows, and finish with either the North Americans or Nationals again.

So big year for me. I think for me to really be my best, I need to constantly be competing on the next level. I think that at this point it makes no sense to do that many local shows just because the caliber of competitors can be great or not so great, and I always want to be compared in the toughest situations. It’s when you can come out on top in a DEEP line up that makes this game so much more exciting. The national level and shows like the Arnold, folks come to WIN. I need that push to really drive me. I want to be among the best.


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