Well I’ve survived 2 Thanksgivings! Woke up this AM, 138.8 lbs. I was around 134 on stage. So pretty darn good considering that I ate like crap for many days post show! lol

Alas, I’m back on track. And been busy.

Today I hit an awesome workout. Did some power cleans and power snatches today. I swear I LOVE to throw weight around. I think this is the first time that I totally feel like I have the license again to really PUSH my limits in the gym. I focused on heavy/low volume work today. Knocked out chest, back, shoulders, bi’s, tri’s.

So here’s my botched attempt at my first back double bicep!!

Mind you, I’m holding water like a camel. But clearly, I need to work on my biceps to make them actually look like something lol. 

I’d entertain you with more photos. But I’ll share some others a little further down the road. I am however really happy with how my upper body has shaped up over the last year. My shoulders are perpetually capped and my back wide! Still growing and tweaking, the work is never done.

I tell you though, I’m like even more concentrated when it comes to my workouts these last few days. I don’t know, I’ve always felt I can kinda hang in figure. It was like, yeah, no problem. Gotta do some tweaking, some changes to bring what is expected for the division, but I can hang. But with WPD, shit those girls DO NOT PLAY! I mean really the girls are coming on stage in such great shape and conditioning that I feel like I’ve got to really step up my game to be able to hang with the top dogs. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. But all and all, I’m in it and committed and there’s no looking back now…

Ok time for some steak and potatoes!  Yum!


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