Whew ok I’m back.

I stepped out of journal land because I was starting to feel complacent and I needed to devise a game plan for some of the things I need to accomplish in 2012. I don’t do New Years resolutions because that’s just dumb, nobody really keeps those anyway. But my life is always about having goals and knocking those goals out of the water, soooo, it was high time to get this ish going.

Game plan is in place. So I can see clearly again. I’ve got to get back on the ball getting my exercise video series up and going on YouTube, I have been slacking BIG time on that and the number of emails and FB msgs I get on the regular asking me to bring them back is crazy. I had some plans to change the format and put a website up for the specific program itself that will have the videos grouped by body part and/or type of workout it is (strength/circuit/power/etc), and to have a corresponding pdf file that can be downloaded so the viewer can follow it. I also wanted to feature some other things on that site, but what I realize is that I’m going to have to sit down with a developper to do it because I don’t have the time nor energy to do it myself, and for what I want to do with it, it’s going to be a bit bigger than what I orginally had planned. I’d love to have recipies and some other things on it as well so it’s an interactive site. But for right now… I’m just focusing on the videos and posting them to my crazy YouTube channel, building a following that would actually be interested in that kind of thing. At least by the time I’m ready to start to take on that project, if the following is solid enough it will be easier to approach business sources that I have connections to about possibly funding the creation of the site and start up costs. It may even open the doors for me to approach various companies to sponsor and advertise on the site to off set costs. I’m not going to say too much because I’m not about putting my business out there before I have something to actually show, but I’m excited about it, and have it at a half way point at the moment.

In other news… Training is on fiya! Love love love, the shape of my body. But I’m still working on improving it. Here’s a photo snapped of me yesterday:

My best friend and I were playing around with my camera and we shot some cool stuff. I love that pic, so going on my wall, framed and fierce!

I have an actual real shoot I’m arranging possibly for this week with a photographer whose work I’ve had my eye on.


His website is really fucking weird, but you can see some of his work when you click Archives. We’re just going to play around capturing this body of mine, and show a little bit of “me” through the photos. The last few shoots I’ve been doing have been shot by photographers not really specializing in fitness specifically. I have a lot of those kind of shots in my book already (fitness), and as I mentioned before I really need some images that show me looking a little more soft/commercial/marketable. Especially now that I have more muscle on these bones than I’ve ever carried in my life. I mean I’m not HUGE, anyone who’s ever met me knows that, it’s just that when I shoot things in the midst of competiting I tend to look harder. So doing a bulk of my shooting now in my off season is a much better option now that I’m about to embark on finding new agency representation. So anyways, it should be grrrreat!

Food wise, I have been eating NOT on any plan. I just really needed a break from the rigidity. I mean, I have means of being able to substitute foods on my plan and know how to manipulate things for variety, however, it’s just the thing about following a plan right now that I’m really not digging. So I make healthy choices since by this time in my life and career I’d better know what the hell those are, and I eat as I always have prior to training for a show. And since for me, that doesn’t incorperate junk food, I’m all good. My weight is up to about 138-140 lbs. I normally step on stage around 132 ish. So I’m good. Shit it can get up to 142 and I wouldn’t care. Hey at least my boobs and my butt look FABULOUS when I gain weight. Love that! LOVE!   Anyways, I’ve been doing well. I have been ordering out a lot! Sushi once a week (mostly post workout), Thai food occasionally, and I had a fish filet from McDonald’s. That was actually kinda gross but I wanted a fish filet damn it. And I had a small fries with it. Luckily, I don’t do that everyday. Although I really LOVE their coffee. Damn the Golden Arches!!!!

Shit I think I’m gonna go do a coffee run right now…


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