Ok so yeah, my workout today. Kicked my own butt all over the dang on gym! Being that this was my first day back, I’m “taking it easy” — for me what taking it easy means. Easing back into my high volume workout. On paper I was like yeah, I got this. Then came the execution.

It took just about 40 mins and by the end I was drenched with sweat, panting like a dog, and feeling a MONSTER pump throughout my entire body. Took 10 mins to stretch at the end. Ugh even now, 7 hours after training I can STILL feel the effects of my work today. Not in a bad way, totally good, but you know that feeling when you’ve worked out and it feels like there’s an energy just running through your entire body? Yeah! THAT feeling! Love it.

Here’s what went down:

Total Body Delpetion Circuit Day One
5 mins warm up on cardio machine (low intensity) followed by some dynamic stretches and foam rolling.

So the following was 25 reps each, 3 sets. No rest btw exercises if I could stand it, 20-30 secs if I couldn’t. 2-3 mins btw actual circuits (I normally cut it down though once I start getting acclimated, but again “taking it ‘easy'”. LOL. 

Cable Squat Row – 30#
DB Push Press – 20# (dropped to 15#)
Lateral Hops Over Bench – BW
SB Chest Press – 20#
Renegade Rows – 15#
RDL to Toes – Oly Bar

The weights are crap light for now due to the volume. But trust me, it was KILLER. Tempo was about 2/0/1/0. So I wasn’t just banging out the sets. By the time I got to the last rep of each of the sets I was D-O-N-E! Buuuurrrrnnn! 

Post workout is the time I look forward to. I think I train my ass off just to endulge in my carbs. Today’s carb of choice:

Yabba Dabba Doooo!

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