Wheeeewwww we! What a day what a day! It’s been an interesting day today because I actually hit my workout HELLA early today. Like 8am early. Which for some of you is like the norm, or earlier, but for ME I’m normally in the gym training others so I don’t always have the luxury of training myself at that time. But I’ve been able to graduate some of my more advanced trainees to my online training and coaching program so it’s freed up a lot of time for me as far as physical time in the gym working. Many of them have been doing sort of a hybrid thing of in person training w/ the online aspect through additional programs to do on their own and nutrition from me. So the switch was easy, and they are all excited. It makes me feel so good when my clients feel like they can go at it without having to have me hold their hand the whole way. It shows true growth for them, and THAT’S why I do what I do, and why I love it.

So my workout today was a killer met con circuit. I threw in a couple of power moves, mixed it with some plyos, and bodyweight exercises. I timed them Tabata style and hit it about 3 rounds. At the end I hit one exercise per body part on the machines and free weights, two sets, 20-25 reps w/ 1 min rest btw the 2 sets. KILLER! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I woke up this morning visibily tighter! Like I can see even more change!  So I stepped on the scale and saw I hit a nice new low. 142.4! I started around the 12th OFFICIALLY, no craziness in my life, no stress, food and training spot on. The other 11 days of the month were just me bullshitting, let’s be honest… On the 12th I weighed in at 144.6. I’m still feeling strong so I’m going to keep on the path and tweak when necessary.

Tomorrow is a rest day! But I’m going to take it as an active rest. My plan is to hit the hills with a run in the morning. I love the smell of nature at the crack of dawn. It’s supposed to be in the high 70s to 80 tomorrow! Ugh I love LA!

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