Here’s another video I recently put up at my site. This is pretty much how my meals go nowadays lol. Sometimes it’s more fun to be in prep and finding new ways of cooking than it is to eat whatever I want or to be less careful at times when I’m in my off season.

I just realized my short little journal got featured as journal of the month for March over at RxMuscle! LOL thank god I peeked in yesterday and saw that or else it would have been nothing but crickets over there for the month lol. I stopped posting in it around this same times as this one. So I’ll be filling in some things over there because I feel like I should. Things are well though. REALLY REALLY well. My body is light years ahead of where it was even just 2 short weeks ago. I’m kind of in awe that this is actually all coming to fruition. It’s when I start noticing that I’m actually tight and tiny that I KNOW that REAL change is happening. Loving my body, I want to put on more size in my upper body just because I think I should. I still feel like a figure girl, but we’ll see what the judges say lol. Apparently for the time being they want that, but I’m one big ass figure girl that’s for sure lol. Well I’m not a figure girl anymore… Nevermind. lol   

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