Hey everyone. Thank you SO SO much for the amazing messages I really appreciate it. Its been a busy couple of days as you can imagine, and I meant to reply yesterday but life kept tearing me away. In any case I’m really touched, I’ve never seen myself as an example of anything it makes me get a little teary eyed to even think that I am. Just being me trying to get all the fun in before I die.

I’m feeling good. Getting tighter by the day. Tighter than my last pics I posted which is wild, but the pics don’t lie. Down to 134 this AM, crazy since 2 weeks ago I was hanging between 140-141 (138 a week and a half ago). Training is so scaled back its almost comical. No cardio, totally done with that. I have one more workout which is tomorrow w/ my refeed day. But its a quick heavy day, mostly upper body focused, and no more than 2 working sets. I’ve actually spent the most time in the gym hitting the power plate for some myofacial release, along with some foam rolling and stretching. I’ve noticed how since I’ve been really focusing on this over the last few weeks the imbalance in my shoulders while posing has subsided. Yay.

I bought a giant chocolate bunny yesterday. A Hershey’s milk chocolate one. I gave it to my best friend and told him to hide it til Saturday. I’m gonna bite his ears off!

Well that’s all to report for now. Time to practice posing…. And EAT!


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