The score sheets are up! It was pretty interesting. I lost by 1 point! Some judges had me placed third and based on their choices for 1st and 2nd, I know it was my degree of leanness (or lack thereof) that hurt me most. But I already know that this is something that I need to work on so it’s no surprise. I knew it was a close race because they compared us SO MANY TIMES up there. Flipping between each mandatory at least 4 or 5 times I recall. And each time we thought they were done they’d say “ladies can you do ____ pose again”…. LOL we gave them a run for their money in my group. I think though my saving grace each time is my structure. You can’t dock a good structure that much, lol . But this fuels me to do better, to be better, to raise the bar because I’m not “there” yet.

What I realize for me is that I’m going to have to go beyond my limits, and my limits are high since I train like a beast. I know for me to get these legs down, adding a little more cardio to the program, cutting back on the refeeds a bit maybe just doing a simple higher cleaner carb up day, and just switching things up will be the plan for me and the jolt my body needs to get to where I want to be. For this next prep, I’m definitely switching it up a bit. I’ll start back hard core in 2 weeks which leads me to about 8 weeks out from Team U. I’ve decided to forego Jr. Nats for the reasons mentioned above. I’ve got to get to this leaner look healthily, and only time will allow that.

What I’ve realized is that even in looking back to my best looks last year, the two being May’s California State when I worked with Erik, and Tournament of Champions and Nationals where I worked my own plan again, I was never really “hard.” I was lean, my upper body was lean and mean, my legs nicely defined but not as cut as my upper half. I know for myself physically I hold more of my body fat down in the legs/butt area. So it’ll be a matter of just continuing to diet as I said, and I’m going to add in some days (2-3 for 15-20 mins) of HIIT (balls to the wall track star hiit) and a day of SS cardio (likely an outdoor run in the hills which I love). Also going to hit up my leg program a little differently over the next few weeks and see how my body responds. So I’m just switching up the game overall to try a new approach I have in mind for myself, I’ll share as we go along.

For the last two days, I’ve welcomed my break. I’m eating without measuring, enjoying some foods not on my plan, cooking things I haven’t in awhile. Nothing crazy. I’m up about 5 lbs from Saturday. However I was so depleted then it’s kind of expected lol. Holding water like a mofo, but still fab enough to rock my sports bra and hot pants that’s my gym uniform lol. And you knooooow I’ve got my glass of shiraz with dinner. Hell yeah! I’m like a fucking Parisian, I don’t do dinner without a glass of “vin”!

Training wise, I’ve been working in some oldie but goodies. I created a program for a client using some FST7, and as I was doing this I thought to myself, damn this is some GOOD shyt! So I decided to do it myself this week! OOOOH MY GOD!! I did back yesterday and chest today. Well. I came home to day and KNOCKED THE HELL OUT for a good 2 hours I was so wiped! But I feel really great! Yeah maybe my azz should slow down a little bit….  I ended up doing “cardio” by default cause I was flirting on the machine. My HR never went above 90 BPM, lol. I wasn’t really doing anything but . And to make up for it I replaced ALL of those precious lost calories with a shit ton of SUSHI after! YUM!

I’ll post my workouts tomorrow. I need to get another bowl of spaghetti right now.

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