Still on break, and lovin it. I’m about to get my period any day now (scheduled for tomorrow). So my weight is up due to that, and from the overload of macro goodness flowing through my body. I’m up about 10 lbs from last week. But I don’t look any different per se, just fuller and well…. Smooooth in the abs. I feel incredible though and I know as soon as I start getting back on track I’ll likely drop all of this extra poundage within the first week or so. 

My water consumption has been atrocious, lol. My red wine consumption on the other hand has been absolutely spectacular. Now before you think I’m a lush, what I normally do is simply have a glass out of a champagne flute and nurse that thing all night. I’m not a big drinker, I like to sip and savor. But honestly, when I’m not dieting, I drink 1 glass a night with dinner. Blame the Spanish. I picked this up when I was dancing professionally in Europe. 

Overall my food has been pretty clean. Lean beef, chicken, eggs, whole wheat atesan bread, wheat pasta, veggies, and today I had some GOUDA CHEESE! Just a slice, oooh that stuff is yummy! That’s pretty much been it, I’ve been cooking the same things everyday lol. I treated myself with a few fresh baked cookies that my local grocery store makes (bought some the other day, and finished it today). You can get 3 for 99 cents!! So I just bought 3 because that was all I wanted really. And for the last two days I’ve just really wanted to go to Starbucks and just order a fancy sugar laced “coffee” drink. So yesterday I had a skim cinnamon dulce latte, and today I had a caramel machiatto. I always just order the tall, I never get anything more than that, it’s too damn sweet for me to ever finish it in anything larger than the tall. But it felt awesome to just go to Starbucks and order a fancy frilly coffee, which is something I haven’t done in soooo long! There’s only one more craving that I must kill before I start back to my plan…. Spicy Monsoon Noodles from my favorite Thai place!!!! Mmmm that will be my final “cheat” treat. After that, I’ll be good to go! 

My gym workouts have been crushing it! I killed legs tonight, and I actually trained pretty heavy in a way that I haven’t in a long while. Cardio is still not even a factor in this game, and won’t be until about after next week when I’ll slowly start adding it back in (around 8 weeks out). I’ll be just under 10 weeks out starting this Saturday, so I have plenty of time to start to swing things into shape for the next round of shows. I think I’m even going to start stoning the other suit that I have so that I can wear something new. The unstoned one is GOLD!! Mmmmm…. I have some colors in mind for the crystals, hues of maybe purple, blue, crystal AB, some greens…. We’ll see, I’ve actually got to see it in the store next to the stones before I decide.

Anyways. Me and my gut need to go lie down now.

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