Make-up Test Run!

Make-up Test Run!

So I went to the mall and went to MAC, however they were busy and the sales associates were all preoccupied doing nothing. So I ended up leaving to head to Sephora. However on my way, I get stopped by this chick at this mineral make-up counter. She had aaaaaall these preeeetty colors!! So I played around there for 20 mins, showed her my suit top to match some colors with the idea I had for the eyes. She sold me the mineral eye shadow pots for $15 each! If I bought 4 I get 4 free. So I walked away with 8 amazing colors that can also double as lip glosses (I bought their lip balm to do that) and eye liners! The pigments are so rich too and perfect for stage.

I want to do a sexy eye. Just a light smokey outer eye, color on the lid. Smoked liner on the edges of the eye, and just a liquid on the top one. I want a nude color lips with just a hint of toast color. Bronzer on cheeks with a slight rose tone to keep my cheeks bright. I’m going to do lashes as well to make my eyes pop, but only half a row or individuals. 

I love make-up! I have 8 awesome colors to play with. I’m going to wear two of the colors tomorrow for the taping audition session for the show. Speaking of which, I have to get my press kit together and print out my resume and stuff, and I’ve got an early morning. Gotta get some SLEEP!

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