My arm is doing better. It has skin healed over the wound now. The blister opened up and peeled back when I was working on my routine (did so under the bandage when my arm brushed against my body). Uggggh hurt like a mutha. So now I can apply neosporin and let it just heal up normally. It doesn’t hurt any longer. Now it’s just itchy! But it looks much much better.

I took a day off from training today. Yesterday I was just soooooo sleepy! I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, more than usual, and my sleep patterns have just sucked and I’m doing a lot right now, a lot going on. So I basically hit the wall and didn’t even do cardio. Just focused on lifting. Had a great workout so that made me feel accomplished. I had one of my online clients come into the gym where I do privates and work with me. She’s really awesome. After seeing her in person I’m now pretty damn sure she should totally forget about figure and hit up physique. She even says how easy it is for her to hold onto muscle as she diets. So the answer is to always go where your genetics dictate as to not kill yourself for 5 mins of glory.

So instead of a workout, I went in for a massage. Equinox has the best MT’s I swear. I have 2 girls I like to see, and both area amazing. She worked the hell out of my shoulder today and my lower back. I’ve still got some tightness that I’m working out in my right shoulder (subscapularis, instertion point of the rhomboids along the border of my shoulder blade, and mid traps). When I pose it’s still an issue where my right shoulder raises up. It’s not as bad as it used to be but it’s still a problem to a degree. With the posing required for Women’s Physique, I see the importance even more for being pliable, flexible, and balanced. It really effects symmetry.

I had a really great convo with my MT today, I posted a gist of it on Facebook:

Awesome tidbit of information for you after a conversation with my massage therapist today. Hydration plays a SIGNIFICANT role in the flexibility of fascia and other connective tissue in the body. So not only is water important in elimination of waste and performance from your workouts (to name a just few important functions), but it also can influence to a degree your body’s ability to move and the ranges of motion you can perform since it has a direct relation to flexibility…

The things we don’t realize or think about or how they are interconnected.


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