LOL how am I such a loser that I log in but forget to check out my journal when I don’t have anything to  about! lol Thanks so much you guys! 

Things are moving along over here. I mean this is my life:

Wake up
Train 2-3 clients in the gym
Go to the bathroom
Eat some more
Update and create training plans for online clients
Write on my blog
Spend too much time on Facebook
Take Vitamins
Make protein shakes and drink it out of the blender thing
Eat some more
Play fetch with my cat
Flirt with some guy
Buy more Converses
Go on a date with said guy
Get bored, find someone else
Somewhere in there I sleep
Watch the ID Network and Dance Moms
Shop at Target for one thing leave with the whole store


I’m way too busy for myself lol.

Anyways, back to serious journal business. I’m still hanging now around 152. I flux sometimes I’m 152.6, today I was 152 even. So I’m going to hang on this caloric amount for this week and then probably bump things up next week. I was talking to this guy at the gym who is a natural pro bodybuilder. I want to say IFPA but I forgot which Fed he said. Dude eats like 4500 cals a day! His breakfast is like 1200 cals!  He said to me yesterday, dang girl I thought you’d be at about 3500 by now! I’m getting there! LOL. It’s funny because eating more and training makes ya more hungry. You would think the opposite, hell I just finished breakfast and I’m ready for meal 2! I ate like 5 eggs (4 whites and a whole) and 65g of oats and 3/4 cup of almond milk!

Anyway, I took this photo yesterday. This is my official January photo.

(don’t mind the words at the bottom – I posted it on my Facebook page)

And here’s an interesting comparison between this year and last year in January.

I was really pleasantly surprised to see that there is some DEFINITE growth! Wow right. It’s funny because some days I feel like there’s still this or that that can be better, that can be improved. Some days I feel like I won’t be “big enough” to be competitive. Some days I feel like I’m getting too big lol.  I’ll say it’s definitely DIFFERENT. This is a different body that I have now, and it’s taking time getting used to. Before I was athletic, but it was still within that socially acceptable kind of realm. Now, I’m kind of at that brink where people are still in awe and accepting but it’s like you hear the “well don’t get too big – this is perfect” comments that get to you. I’m human. These things effect me too. But what I try to focus on is not what others find acceptable or comfortable with, and instead know what I am comfortable with. I’m going to submit some pics to Kim at the end of the month and see what he says about where I am now. 

I do know this. I have my limits, and when I reach the point that I feel this whole pursuit is making me self conscious about being in my own skin then I’m bowing out. I’m good now, so I can confidently move forward with the task at hand.

Anyways. That’s the mumbo jumbo going through my head some days.

Other days, I feel like I’m like freakin WONDER WOMAN!!! I shot a video blog the other day including some posing and two exercises I did during my workout.

Anyways I’ve got some other random news but I’ve got to get to work on client plans and I have a date tonight :-). So I’mma have to fill y’all in tomorrow with more randomness.

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