OK so! Today I’m just around 19-20 weeks out from said projected show…. LOL, if Jason is reading this he will head to the NPC calendar to see if he can figure out which show I’m talking about. LOL. 

I’m feeling good. I’m about a day or so from my period so my weight shot to 158 lbs.  I freakin LOVE my body right now. I’m like muscular and curvy and strong looking and junk, and it’s just damn sexy. Alas…. The fluff will be stripped away soon… 

The focus at the moment for me are my legs. Kim really wants me to keep them full. In fact it’s so funny, I was at Gold’s the other day and I ran in to Jerome Ferguson and we were talking about my next show etc. And he said, keep working those legs, focus on the hams, a lot of physique girls are lacking in the legs and if you can make yours strong it will make you stand out. I was like damn man, YOU’RE GOOD! That’s what exactly what we’re focusing on. It’s funny because I’ve always thought I had “big legs”. By nature, my legs are pretty muscular, and all of the dancing and running over the years have made them very developed. But I never really focused on training my upper body (like SERIOUSLY TRAINING upper body) until I started competing. So now after about really a full year of focusing on EVERYTHING upper body, I’m starting to look balanced. When I first started training for figure, I used to avoid training legs heavily. But now I go heavy as funk! Like seriously. And finally my legs have taken shape to what they can potentially be. I have a lot more work to do of course, but that’s only going to happen over a course of a few years of seriously training. So got to be patient.

I really feel like I’ve put on some nice size, and that my shape will be far more improved in 2013. There are definitely some things I want to adjust training and diet wise for my prep that I think will help me to stay much fuller. When I look back at pictures from Nationals, I feel like I was so small. I don’t want to bring that look back to the stage. I can do much better than that. I hate those pics actually. Those and the ones from Team U in 2011 can all burn. 

Diet wise things are going well. I’m not on a specific plan at the moment. I just need to really STOP being so structured for a while. When I diet, I’m so meticulous about EVERYTHING, every minute detail. In my off season, I realize for me that I can follow a plan for a few weeks, see the amounts I should be eating to hit the caloric level I should be at, and then from there just wing it. If I don’t get all of my meals in during the day, then my later meals I just eat more. I have treats when I feel like it. I even enjoy a glass of wine, or a chocolate martini just like I would prior to competing when I didn’t think about it. It just helps me to feel “normal” again and still stay on track with my goals. Hell I even had some bacon this week! Natural uncured BACON. For breakfast, and it was good as HELL. Lol.

So my plan right now is to finish the rest of February with my building plan. And then starting in March, the diet clean up happens. Structure gets moved back in. Cardio starts to show up in the picture. I’ll spend a few weeks doing that and starting to shed off this layer of fluff nice and easily, then by the end of March it will be time to link up with Kim so we can pick it up and drive this baby home.

My routine is already done. Darling Nikki… BOOM!

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