Man today at the gym totally SUCKED. I had one of those days where for some reason mid morning I got slapped with the tired stick. I felt really sleepy and my energy just tanked suddenly. Not sure why, I had a full meal this morning, I did get up super early for whatever reasons, just couldn’t sleep. I was up at 5:30am. By like 10:30 I was done. But I pressed on. Had my next meal, hit the gym at around 11:30.

Wasn’t happening. After a failed attempt at a warm up, and then not being able to find the collar for the barbell (the clamp that you put on the end to keep the weights from falling off), I called it quits. I went ate some sushi, and I only had like 2 rolls which is nothing for me and my voracious appetite.

Then I came home and took a nap for like 2 hours. Just KNOCKED OUT. I’m still a little tired, and I have a headache and my body is achy. I really hope I’m not getting sick.

I feel like I’m in the home stretch. I’m actually ready to diet again. I want to see what this work is looking like stripped down. I’m ready for the fast paced focus of getting on stage brings. I love building my physique, love the off season, but I’m one who often needs to remember PATIENCE is key. This sloooooooow process puts me to sleep mentally at times lol. I’m an instant gratification girl. lol

But yeah I’m really ready to start taking things down, and seeing the fruits of my labor. And I’m really excited about some new ideas about how I want to approach things to stay fuller, yet get as lean as I can. Each year that passes I have a better understanding of my body and my needs. My body adapts easily to things, it changes pretty quickly as well. If my training and all else falls into place, I’m not fighting it to get it to where I want. So with year 3 about to kick off, I’m excited to see what the next evolution will be. I can feel it will be my best yet.

So many other things are going well at the same time. Competing has allowed me to bring what I’m most passionate about – diet/training/science/anatomy/biology/physiology – and really put all of these years of study and practical application to a higher level. As I’m in the gym training my in person client (I now only have 2 women I train regularly, all the rest of my work is now online – which was a goal of mine, I was tired of spending hours working in the gym – I’ve had as many as 20 clients at one time in the gym, do you KNOW how many freakin hours that is in a gym. Too damn many that’s what. I digress), I look around at some of the other trainers and it’s uninspiring at times. Today I witnessed this female trainer going through lateral raises with her female client performing it with ATROCIOUS form. Another trainer was telling her client that when he exerts force in a bench press he has to make a hissing noise…. WITHOUT explaining what breath control is or anything else like that. Just hiss out. WTF?! This same trainer can be seen with her male clients – like four times her size – attempting to torture stretch them and do trigger point work to the point that they are literally SCREAMING in the gym. Really!?!? Ugh.

Sometimes I want to just get my own space, with my own equipment, and train my clients in private. But I’m not into unnecessary overhead so I just put up with it and stick to myself. Anyways, that’s not even the half of it.

Man I went on a tangent there. What I was going to say is that I’m so proud of my clients. This is going to be a big season for my Team. I’ve got two girls coming up to do the Governor’s Cup next month that are going to kill. Both girls have killer shapes.

Client #1: 8 Weeks Out
We’re going with a different suit of course and I want to make some adjustments to her posing in the front to make her waist appear smaller. But overall she’s got such a great base. She’s 5’8, at 142.6 right now, she last competed at around 138 so she’s already close to where she was last show having eaten less and trained a crap ton more. Calorically I have her at 1950 cals on training days, 230g of carbs as well. Rest days I’ve got her at 1840 cals and 198g of carbs! 5 days of training, 2 full rest days. Cardio is only 5 days, 30 mins 3 days, 20 mins 2 days, and it’s all a mix of intervals and HIIT. Weights are all heavy with a barbell complex mixed in there for more of a conditioning aspect than anything. She dropped 4 lbs easily on this plan within the first 3 weeks. So I’m really happy with how things are progressing to say the least.

Client #2: 8 Weeks Out
I had shown you guys our work on improving her structure a few months back. So we’ve been in prep now and she’s doing so well, I’m really excited to see her hit the stage. These pics are from a week back and she sent me some candids today where she was even leaner and her legs were really coming in. My biggest goal for her is to really bring in her conditioning. Her last show she was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. No separation anywhere. Even at 8 weeks out here you can start to see some separation coming up in her legs and her back. Her shoulders are nicely capped now as well, I felt that was lacking for her last show. Stats wise she’s 5’0 around 113 lbs, training day calories 1730 about 190g of carbs, non training days 1660 cals 155g of carbs. Training wise she’s also on a 5 day split. Her cardio is at a mix of HIIT (10 mins), Long Intervals (15 Mins), and Steady State Cardio (10 mins) total of 35 mins 2 days a week. 2 Days of 20 mins of Intervals, and then one day of 15 mins of HIIT. Weight training is all heavy work throwing stuff around the gym and keeping it beast mode.

(Lighting kind of sucks here but you can still see some goods)

Comparison shot of when we first started together at the start of her off season.

I’ll share some others later. Hell at least SOMEONE other than me is doing all the fun stuff. One more month till it’s MY turn! lol

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