Ok so I emailed Kim yesterday my pics, and some things I was thinking about for this season. After Gulf States, I’m sure the plan is Team U. So told him that’s on my radar. 4th place last year there so it would be stupid to pass it up.

I’m working on a posing routine for National level bodybuilder Angela Pearson.  I’m going to record what I’ve come up with for her so far and see if she likes it. She’s the first FBB I’m choreographing for so I’m kinda nervous! I always hate everything I create, and if I really hate it, it’s usually pretty good. I hate this one. And I hate the one I created for myself too but this is what will be the evolution of my posing routine this year:

I love one of the ones I choreographed last year, and that one kinda sucked so I scraped it, and went with the one I hated and everyone LOVED it. So see my mind resides in bizarro world.

Anyways. I’m about to head to the gym to rock shoulders out. I’m feeling good. My plan for this season, no anxiety, only fun and adventure. 

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