So I just officially hired the programmer to get things moving with the back end of my site that I had spoken of a few posts back. I’m excited about it. We spent some time sitting and talking about everything in detail, and playing with some design ideas from scratch. His company is building a large commercial size nutrition and training software portal for trainers to have their clients join, and they would receive programs and diets etc from their trainers. So he’s got some experience with what I would want for my program, but mine of course would be specifically built for my business and brand. I’m such a computer geek, I love this stuff, so I’m excited to get it started and finally kicked off. He said he would do it in a way that myself and clients would be able to access it from any mobile device as well. Saaaaweet!

So that was the biggest excitement in the last 24 hours for me.

I’m all set up to work with Kim!  We start next week, I’ll likely head out to his office to meet with him so he can see me in person and we can get things off and poppin from there. Today I think I really noticed things tightening up some more. Like week by week I love how little lines that weren’t there before show through. Abs are coming in, legs are getting tighter. I think I’m definitely going to be bringing a new look to the stage. I started dropping really fast last week, like all of a sudden I was down to 153. So I took things up a bit, had a cheat meal this weekend (ok and a glass of wine… but I was still about 13.5 weeks so it’s all good lol.  ).

Life is moving so FAST right now! I need a seat belt.


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