Training-wise, everything is moving along well. This week I moved cardio to the AM as I said I would, weight in the PM. Such amazing workouts yesterday. And I get a little bit more done during my day in this set up.

Cardio this week is 35 mins during my AM session. Today was awesome here’s what went down.

Part 1:
10 mins of Tabata (2 rounds of tabatas w/ 2 min break in between them)
Round 1 (20 work/10 rest x 2 = 4 mins)
Single arm snatch – side one
Single arm shatch – side two
Jump Rope
Mountain climb

2m rest

Round 2
Alternating arm DB snatch
Alternating arm power switch rows

Jump Rope
Mountain Climb

Then I took a little break of about 4-5 Mins. Hit the stairs at my gym for another round of intervals. 4 rounds of 1m on/off sprints, as many as I could. Then about another 6 mins of tabatas where I did a 20/10 split again, but one set would be sprinting up the stairs as many times as I can, while the other set would be jump rope.

Finally finished off of the Arc Trainer for 10 mins today at a steady pace, moderate intensity, and then done.

Hell I was starving after!! I just ate and I’m STILL hungry lol. Next meal is happening…. I have weights tonight, can’t wait. Tonight I think is legs (hams/glutes/calves focus).

On the business front, things are going well. I had a demo of the program today with my developers. It looks EXCELLENT. OMG it’s going to make the process of program design so much easier. I’m so excited to really dig into it. And I’ll be contacting applicants today for my assistant position, setting up interviews for next week. I had a good talk with my business mentor today, he’s super damn smart, super damn successful, and he gave me some awesome tips to go forth confidently with this next step.

All is good. I’m thankful.

And hungry…..


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