Thanks guys I really appreciate it. This has been ONE HELL OF A ROLLER COASTER RIDE. I mean that in good and bad ways. Today I officially lost my marbles. It’s awesome having amazing friends to literally cry on (even if they live about 2000 miles away – #ahem Tycie).

I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO overtly emotional. Like crazy kind of emotional. I went from a high off this show, to a sudden crash and smash, burn to a crisp. I was worried about Team U. Kim told me what the judges feedback was, and it was all overwhelmingly positive. I just need to bring my legs in. And THAT is the biggest bain of my existence. He’s like, well, I can’t cut food anymore or else you’ll lose muscle…. So you need to just go run. So I put on my sneakers and I went running! Honestly, running IS the only thing that makes these babies cut the hell up, so it’s kind of funny that he said that. Some birds shit all over my car. Like CRAP BOMBED THE HELL OUT OF MY CAR. I was soo mad.

I’ve been feeling really off today. I was holding a little water, my lower abdominals were bloated. For my check in today, I was 147 – up from around 141/142 on show day Friday. Then by this afternoon, I was actually 144 and I stepped on the scale only because I LOOKED lighter for some odd reason. Low and behold, my period came. But here’s the kicker…

I’VE HAD IT 3 TIMES IN THE LAST MONTH. What the hell kind of body do I have in that every other woman loses her period the leaner she gets, mine simply comes more often. WTF, universe… Really!? I mean, REALLY!!?  So that’s an average of once every two weeks. The first cycle was like 16 days (I know, shut up), the second was like 5 days, God only knows what’s supposed to happen with this one. What I do know is that my body will need a nice break from all of this craziness. I have a lot of other things going on, and I think that just all of it is pushing me in different directions, my body is only reacting. I don’t feel tired or run down. Just mentally bonkers.

I’m sure once the first few days of my period goes away I will be normal again. I have the WORST PMS symptoms. Like I swear I have PMDD. I’ve thought this for a long time. So imagine now having PMDD THREE TIMES IN A MONTH. Fuck! Thank god I just live alone. Hey you know, no wonder my cat is so crazy!!


I’m crazy.

This looks kinda good….  Popcorn.


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