Yeah tell me about it you guys. I have had this happen before. And I’ve read that of course periods can be influenced by stress. Whether you get them less or more often, there are a small percentage of women who get them more often under certain conditions. Think, exercise – stress, dieting – stress, stress — stresss! lol. I’ve never lost my periods ever, even when I was at my lowest weight when I used to have severe eating issues as a teen (ballerinas can be crazy, lol – need I say more). And I was wrong, the days weren’t 16 days in the longest cycle, it was 12 that was last month. The longer one this cycle was 9, then 5, and like I said I’m actually due for my ACTUAL period within this cycle so I hope that it’s just normal. I will definitely go to the doctor and get things checked out to make sure my uterus isn’t falling out or something.

But I think this serves as a cautionary tale to many who want to play in this game and play at the highest level. It’s said over and over again, contest prep and getting to stage leanness is NOT normal for the body. I just so happen to be one of a few people who can still have a somewhat normally functioning system in the face of pushing towards the absolute limits, AND BE ABLE TO BOUNCE BACK FROM IT. And how I allow myself to bounce back is as crucial as how I get to the end point. This stuff isn’t to be taken lightly, but I know my body, so I know that I’m fine, but again, to avoid a huge reaction (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) I have to be slow and methodical about how I come off of this prep, and HOW I ALLOW MYSELF TO REST in the aftermath.

My head is back to normal, and I think that I need to possibly see my doc about dealing with the PMDD. I don’t like popping birth control or other shix like that, but something like YAZ or another BC option may help it tremendously. Also taking l-tryptophan is helpful too. So these are things I should explore in the future.

The water retention is gone. I’m back down 4 lbs in 24 hours. Another point to show how moot the scale really is.


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