Ok I think for the FIRST time, I am really truly in the game and I’m excited to step on stage. Man, it has been A WHIRLWIND month, week, last couple of days… But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s super bright over there… I just simply keep running towards it.

My period seems to be normal this cycle which is good. It’s not as dramatic as the others have been that were unscheduled/unexpected. So it should pass in a few more days.

My energy is good still. I don’t feel tired in my workouts, albeit, the main focus in the gym is keeping muscle at this point. So I’ve been really just keeping it basic. 2 exercises per body part, 8-12 reps, sometimes I’ll do a set or two of high rep stuff up to about 15-20 reps. 1-3 sets, 1-2 mins rest. Nothing crazy at all. I’m just letting my diet, and my cardio guide the rest of the fat loss at this stage. The running has been quite theraputic. I get up in the morning, head for the hills by my house. I’ll hit the gym for my weights a few hours later. Then I finish my day with a quick jog in the hills at the park. Just being on the trails has helped me to clear my mind, and it’s really helped to give me that challenge and push that I knew I’d need to really bring things in with such a short amount of time.

I feel leaner, and more streamlined. I have been playing around with some posing adjustments, and I also am doing a new routine. LOL, yes changing that baby up a week before the show. I want to slow down my posing a bit and spend some good time up there IF I get to do my night routine – which I’m going to keep positive and say I will be. 

This look that’s coming on stage is going to be even better than last week. And I feel good about that. I’m going into this show a few pounds lighter even before peaking, so once we start swinging into my peak, I know I’ll be even tighter. Kim doesn’t do anything drastic with me. I pretty much stick to my diet, we’ll add a little Xpel. I need it because I hold a lot of water, even when I’m drinking a ton (I take in around 2 gallons a day during peak week). I know there’s a lot of chatter about what to do/what not to do during peak week, but I honestly feel like that’s a personal thing and you can’t generalize it for everyone. We don’t do any big carb ups. If I need to fill out, he’ll add in some yams or so for me, or maybe up fats. And by Friday he’ll look at me and decide from there what I need to finish things up. I can definitely say that Kim has pushed me to a level that I KNOW I probably wouldn’t have reached on my own. Because when I thought, hey, I’m looking good here… He would be like, uuuuh yeah you need to be leaner!  So I’m excited to see how things unravel in the next coming week.

For the sake of comparison this was me at about 2 weeks out from Team U last year:

I placed 4th there.

This is me this morning at 1 week out – same show:

Let’s get this party started….

My routine music is a cut down version of this. Mine is a little faster, it’s the recorded version, still sung my Gwen Verdon. A little of the beginning, cut to the more dramatic parts towards the end.

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