What a difference a few days make, some sleep, getting work done, and just saying “fuck it”. Throwing your hands up and letting it do what it do.
So I head out later today. I’m packed (almost), got my music on cd, just need to pack my food. I’m going to just cook in the hotel, I have my hot plate. It’s pretty much just my meats, rice, nuts, potatoes and everything else is ready to go.

Today I feel relaxed. Ready to rock. I got the nod of approval from Kim. He thinks this is a totally different look than last year, and that it’s a good “national level” physique. Hey I’ll take it. This is only one phase of the game, I know that I have another week next week to work out the kinks from my experience at this show before it’s time to focus on Team U. So still time to really bring this baby home.

I think what I’m most excited about is seeing the fruits of my labor from my off season. You know, we all put in so much work during our down time, focusing on those weak body parts. Focusing on bettering your shape, so that when you strip all the fat down, you stand a different body than you were before. THAT’S the joy in this game for me. THAT is my motivator. When I look at my shape now compared to last year, it’s like complete NIGHT AND DAY. Even Kim commented on how different things are for me this year physically. How my shape has changed, and how I have actually kept a good amount of muscle on over this diet phase. So that’s what I’m excited to see, the results against others now, because that’s what this game is at the end of the day. I’ve bested my best, now the fun part comes in comparing to someone else’s best to see where things REALLY stand. Always chasing perfection.

When I look at myself now, I see a real “bodybuilder” per se. Like I have a V taper, I have shoulders, my arms have come up, my quad sweep has improved, my glutes and hams have taken on a better shape. When I pose I see for the first time a person who “builds her body”. In fact, I no longer get comments as often of people asking me if I run track, now, they ask me if I bodybuild. And that says a lot when the GENERAL PUBLIC asks you that. That’s a huge jump.

So now all the shit you work for is now upon me. And, you know… I’m finally looking forward to it!

See y’all in Naaaw’lins!!!

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