It has been a great trip, great show, great experience. Not only did I catch up with Tycie (and her sister Tasha aka Peanut Butter Patrol Cop – lol), I also saw CARRRRRRIEEEEE!!! Carrie Simmons, one of my favorite IFBB Pros. And some of the other folks that I’ve come to know like Asha, and Tamee who did my suit this year.It was great! OMG we ended up at the WORST cajun/creole restaurant in all of New Orleans. Long story, but another great memory created. So the trade off was worth it.

In any case, no pics have been posted yet. My mom shot a few, here’s one:

And I did an interview with Nicole Wilkins which was posted on NPC News Online:

And one with RX which will be posted soon. I’ll share it as soon as it goes live.

I need to bring things in tighter over the next few days. So I’m back on my diet, pushing my cardio, and just keeping my eyes on the road ahead. After a few days to rest, eat well, and regather, I’m ready to just tie things in and bring it in better for the next stage.

Team U in T-Minus 11 days.

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