Peak Week For Dallas Europa! My Pro Debut!

My peak week is going well. I have the MOST uneventful peak week ever. We pretty much change nothing, except for a few dietary things here and there, nothing drastic, and just curtail training around what I need. I’m super hungry which is expected, today was the first day I felt in the gym a bit fatigued, but I look and feel good mentally – and physically too. This was taken the other day, Sunday. Probably the last pic I post before arriving in Dallas. Getting tighter as the days draw nearer, this was before making any food adjustments. Both taken on the same day one is just closer than the other.

I drove down to see Kimbo yesterday, Temecula is freakin 91 miles from LA! So I drove 182 miles, at like 80-90 miles an hour, and get this… ONLY BURNED A HALF A TANK OF GAS!!  Freakin looooooove my Vette! 

So I’m packing today, putting my food in the freezer. I don’t even bother cooking anymore. I buy a bag of frozen Tilapia, frozen chicken tenders, and asparagus and throw that in my cooler. Sometimes I’ll pack pre cooked frozen rice, this time I made a fresh batch and will put it in the fridge overnight and pack that. Got my raw almonds and rice cakes. Got my little peak week spice bottles lol where I switch things out and keep it super simple. I just got hip to the idea of packing those little single serving packets of almond butter and PB for my cooler. I don’t need a jar, and you can’t bring it on the plane. But the 1.5 oz packets are PERFECT so those come with. Sweet potatoes, those things, got like 5 of them, going in raw I’ll pop them in the microwave at the hotel. Then sometimes I’ll cook my beef before, or I’ll buy it already cooked. This time I think I’ll throw a few on my cast iron grill and pack that, same with some salmon. Oats in a huge ziploc, scoop out what I need when it’s time to eat. Eggs I’m going to bake in a muffin pan and put into ziplocs.
I bring my George Foreman and my electric hot plate + pan, and call it a day!

I always find a local grocery store to get water and other odds like salad greens, anything I may have forgotten. etc

All and all I feel ready. I mean the pressure’s not on me, I’m not vying for points. So this is just a great chance to get out there, have fun, see where I stand overall and have some direction for my off season when I get feedback, and just HAVE FUN!!  The nerves are gone, I think excitement set in more for me when the list came out. It solidified the reality and made me really feel like I’m looking forward to the days ahead. Everything is set, and I’m ready. I fly out tomorrow morning. Lonestar state, let’s get it!

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