I’ve been meaning to get back in there and make some updates. But things have been so incredibly just BUSY for the last few months, and I only within the last few days have actually STARTED settling into a normal swing again.

After Dallas, I’ve gone into a great start to my off-season. But I then had clients hitting the stage, then a last minute trip to the O, then another client onstage and I traveled down to her show, so yeah…. I got a little distracted. 

All and all, I’m having a really great off season so far. My weight is WAY UP, but people keep asking me if I’m competing again because apparently, I look like I’m still in shape enough to hit up a show…. My answer to that is DUDE HAVE YOU SEEN MY LEGS… AT ALL…. No razor cut separation, so no steppy on stagey for me! I’m just fuller really, got some noice junk in da trunk , and a little fluff on my belly (nothing super major), and I’m feeling great and really love my shape right now. I’m around 160 right now. Highest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I had to buy new jeans a few weeks back, alas my old ones don’t go up over these quads and thighs, and when they do… IT’S CRACK CITY. We can’t have all that going on… -_- But you know, they were tight to begin with, and I’ve had all of my jeans for quite a few years. I mean these were jeans I was wearing when I was still in figure and a tiny little thing (see the video in the first post of my journal). And shirts how are like impossible. Between the width of my back and shoulders, and the bulge of my biceps and boobs, yeah…. Certain things I can pull off certain ones I can’t. I never really thought of the gravity of what gaining muscle REALLY is like/means…. Especially in that off season time. I never thought about THIS PART. But it’s all good. I rock sleeveless crap anyways so more reasons to show off my guns. And I fill things out a lot better as well. I feel like I have that strong curvy muscular look I’ve always admired in certain competitors. 

Eating has been pretty free form. After this last show, I just wanted to chillax on the whole meal plan thing. So I generally try to hit some macros – I’m around 2700-2900 cals per day right now, probably going to bump it up in a few weeks. But I found myself eating out an awful lot, so it’s a bit harder to account for when you aren’t prepping foods yourself. Nothing I worry or make a big deal about though. I do have a shoot coming up in about 2-3 weeks, so I’m going to clean things up a bit, maybe throw in some HIIT and full body circuits a few days to get a wee bit tighter before that date. I don’t want to be super ripped in any case for it, just more athletic/commercial as I want to include these in my actual portfolio. After that, I’ll be focusing once again on swinging further into my off season and putting full focus on my 2014 season again.

In the last few weeks I’ve really been zeroing in on my upper body. You know I’m so funny because I look at my past pics to see what improvements I want to make for my next season. And I can tell you that I sorta HATE my pics lol. I always see my blaring faults – to my eyes. Ok for instance when I look at my pics from 2012 Nationals — UGH I LOOK SOOOOO TINY! :barf: And then Gulf States this year I looked good, needed to be tighter… Team U, looked good needed to be tighter. Then Dallas…. I could be so much better. My conditioning was ok, tan was a little light, and I really just need to improve my overall shape. Shoulders could be rounder, arms bigger, legs/glutes tighter, back more width in there and better detail. So these are the things that are my MAIN focus right now. Because when I step on stage next year, I need to be better than that, better than my last performance. And I feel already I’ve made some strides so I’m just really trying to keep it going.

I’ve been including some new things in my training protocol as of late. FST 7 and Occlusion training. What I love about doing things a little outside of the box, and different than what I normally do, is the incredible response my body has to the new stimuli. I mean I’m not growing like the incredible hulk, BUT there is DEFINITELY some improvement and growth since I started with this. And not only have I bumped up volume and intensity in those areas, I have also bumped up frequency hitting back, bi’s and tri’s twice a week. For back I split it up between a width day and a thickness day. And just that as well has made some good improvements. So needless to say, I think 2014 is definitely going to be my best yet. I have about 5-6 months to really bring it all to new levels before starting to diet again. So basically I’m playing it day by day.

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