“The You vs. You Component”: 2.5 Weeks Out – IFBB Mile High Women’s Physique Championships…

To say that this month has been an absolute WHIRLWIND is an understatement. To think that just 4 weeks ago, I had my first show of the season, placing 3rd in my class in my rookie pro season, is just wild.  They say time flies when you’re having fun… Well, I guess I must be having a freakin ball.

In one month’s time, I’ve been able to go from complete obscurity to a great degree, right to the top of the Olympia Qualification Series point system, leading the pack with 7 points. So the goal now for this show in Denver is to hopefully come out with another top 3 placing to solidify my lead, and hopefully earn a spot on that Olympia stage.  No one can control the outcome of a show… You can only show up, do the damn thing, and hopefully be awarded well for it…  But this game is as much mental as anything else, and that’s where I struggled most in the time after my first two shows… Could I pull it off, can I drop in, can I leave absolutely NO STONE unturned… That was the question…  Check out the video below for more on this.

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