In The Aftermath: Succeeding Through Failures and Pushing On To The Next

So it’s the Wednesday after the IFBB Mile High Pro Championships. It’s been an interesting roller coaster of emotion for me. One of great humility, another of sheer embarrassment that I didn’t live up to my own expectations, one of content where I felt good about how I looked, one of doubt in whether my high note from earlier this season is finished for good – and everything up to this point has been a fluke, to one of acceptance of the circumstance…  Which then leads to the fire to do something about it.

Going into the Mile High, and seeing everything in retrospect, I realize that for the first time I brought a look to the stage that was both full AND tight. I feel sometimes I’ve missed the mark. Like I was fuller, but could have been tighter. Or I was tight and I lost some fullness. This time we were on the money. And sometimes with this game, when looking at what you can change and do better, the answer is nothing… Bring the same look, do what you did, make minor improvements, and put it in front of another panel of judges and let the cards fall where they will.  I had spoken to Kim in my post show follow up on Monday, and basically that’s our game plan. He even said that to me when we were in Denver after pre-judging. I think for me it was extremely reassuring to hear him say that because as a competitor, when you leave the stage, you often wonder what YOU did wrong, what could YOU have done better, you doubt your performance, and that’s when discouragement can sneak right on up and rear its ugly head. Having those rational people in your corner – who are also brutally honest – is often that voice of reason that allows you to really see the light in the situation.

I have to admit, when I come out of a show, I no longer really care about slowly getting into normal eating. I don’ t reverse diet myself until AFTER I’ve eaten whatever the hell I WANT to. And since I’m mid season, there is no reverse diet, just getting back on plan. My personal strategy is simply eating for 3 days, recovering a little on the training – meaning I still workout but take the overall intensity down, and follow a traditional strength training approach (lifting heavy, 8-15 reps, 2-4 sets etc). But again, I EAT.  So post show I had the following:

Sat PM: Italian Dinner – 2 baskets of bread w/ olive oil and herbs, a plate of fried calamari, a bowl of pasta w/ sauce, a glass of wine. Wanted dessert but I would die if I did lol.

Sun: Waffle, Blueberry Muffin (small/med one), Fruit, Burger w/ restaurant made potato chips, 2 fresh tacos (just corn tortilla, carne asada steak, and raw onions/cilantro on it), Thai food – beef green curry, white rice, spring rolls, and small wonton soup, glass of wine

Mon: Sushi (A WHOOOOLE LOT), Fresh baked soft apple cinnamon cookies from a local store, glass of wine

Tues: Pizza (2 slices of NY Style), and 5 more cookies, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (2), Nature’s Valley Granola Bar

I eat the SAME.EXACT.THINGS after every show. I eat at restaurants or order out. Leave no left overs, just ENJOY. After a few days I am just STUFFED and can’t eat anymore lol, which is right on track with me having to go back on plan (or at least WANTING TO).  I don’t typically rebound hard after a show. I hold a TON of water in my legs, glutes, abs after. I shoot up around 10 pounds by the end of the 3rd day, but then things start to stabilize and fall off after a few more.  As of this morning I was 152.4 or so pounds. My stage weight had me around 141/142.



All and all though, I feel like now is a new page, and a fresh start. Had my break, and my fun, and now… It’s back to business.

Kimbo made some adjustments to my plan. We’re sort of carb cycling right now, alternating low and moderate days. We don’t really do big refeeds. He doesn’t really do big refeeds. I’m a firm believer in them. But I stick to the plan as he wrote it, or else why am I paying for it. For me though, I listen to my body always. So if I feel like my ass is dragging and I know that I need the boost (not a cravings type of thing, like truly needing to boost my metabolism), then I will go ahead and have a little extra serving of my carbs for that particular day on the moderate day, making it more of a high day. But that’s very rare that I have to do so, but all in all, I am one for listening to my body always. With the 3 day break, I feel ready to go, so I should be fine as I swing into the next 24 days of this prep for the IFBB Greater Gulf States.

Training wise, things are going to get kicked up a notch. My cardio is staying the same as it has been since around 2 weeks out from the LA Grand Prix (just short of 2 months ago by the time of this writing). I do 35 mins in the AM, 35 in the PM. All prep, I haven’t done anything more which is awesome. So we’re leaving that the same and simply riding in on the diet to allow me to bring things in a bit tighter.  My split is going to adjust a bit as well.  Kim mentioned to me that he notices when we really push things and I start dropping and getting leaner, I have a tendency to lose fullness in my legs! That shocked me because to me, it’s always my upper body that I feel I’m chasing. He mentioned a couple of times about my back overpowering my legs in my back pose – something I NEVER thought I’d hear, lol. Ever. But that’s why I have him in the driver’s seat lol. So I’m going to go ahead and hit legs up twice a week once again to keep that muscle on. I also want to bring focus to the glute/ham area and hopefully have some better lines when I do start to come down for this next show.  My split now is:

Mon – Glutes/Hams

Tues – Back/Bi’s

Wed – Chest/Tri’s

Thurs – Shoulders/Back (Thickness/Detail)

Fri – Bi’s and Tri’s

Sat – Legs (Mixed rep, plyos, etc) – compound motions and calves

Sun – OFF or Shoulders (light/easy workout more detail based)

Right now I have a full 7 day split. I normally take a full day off to recover, but with this being a more traditional split kind of routine, and for a short amount of time, I’m going to simply push through it.

All and all, I’m stepping up my game for the Gulf States. I do not want a repeat of last weekend, and with the line ups getting deeper and deeper, it’s important now moreso than ever this season to leave no stone unturned. I can’t afford to. If I plan on hopefully qualifying for the Olympia, I’m going to have to dig deep and find a fire in me that I don’t even yet realize is there. I’ve never felt the pressure and gravity of this game until now… This very year. All the things I’ve fantasized about, dreamt about, and wished I could be doing is there at the threshold. It’s so close I almost feel as if I can touch it… Other times it feels so far away and just outside of my reach. At the end of the day, it’s now or never. And I never EVER settle for never… Time to make it happen.

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