Sitting On The Brink of What’s Next…

I dunno. I guess I’m starting this blog off with me really TYPING WITH MY EYES CLOSED (SERIOUSLY), and letting whatever flows through my fingers onto this keyboard like word vomit just be…

I keep promising to update this thing more often, but honestly, my life is really busy right now. Busy is always a good thing, but it sometimes is a huge distraction from distractions, lol. The olnly time I get to write is at night. And honestly, I’m starting this blog 2 minutes short of midnight, and I’m sure I’ll finish it sometime tomorrow.

So as of today, I’m 2 weeks and 3 days out from my next show. How do I feel? This time around, excellent – energy wise. Mentally I’m still in the game as well. There’s this really weird thing that happens when you’ve been competing all season, and essentially dieting for 7 months. Each week that passes, I get tighter and tighter. But by the time you’re need deep and have done a number of shows, the intense pressure isn’t there. The fight to have to be leaner – to a degree – isn’t there. I’m now just shedding off layers off of an already leaned – and peaked several times – physique. Only minute changes were really needed, and I’ve been improving week by week, show by show. So after a while, the drama of the first round of prep begins to fade… And you have to dig deep to stay focused, and working on those MINUTE details.

Honestly, I carried so many different looks for each show this year. Starting off with an amazing bang in my first two shows, a different and fuller look my 3rd show, and then a total fail my fourth show, the IFBB Greater Gulf States . I got incredibly sick the week going into the show, throwing up, fever, not drinking enough water. So by the time I got down to New Orleans (and the 100% humidity and 90 degree weather, lol), I nearly passed out on stage. It was incredibly scary. I’ll never NOT listen to my body ever again. I started holding a shit ton of water, my body was hating me and telling me essentially to fuck off. Even with the most abysmal stage apperance in my entire career from amateur to pro, I somehow managed to place 12th out of 27. Not so shaby when you’re near death.

In any case, all and all I am a good 10 pounds lighter at 2.5 weeks out than I was my first show of the year. I needed to be tighter, and I am. It blows my mind how I can see CLEAR separation of my hamstring group, and seperation in my glutes. These were always problem areas for me, and interestingly, now they are not. However, I have noticed that over the last few shows, when I was done successfully eating everything like a total pig, I gained a lot of weight back in my abs! So my abs aren’t as sharp as I’m used to them being right now. However, if this is at the expense of my behind being WAY WAY WAAAAY tighter, I’ll freakin take it. I can still see my six pack… Just not my eitght pack… I know, who am I to complain.



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