Starting A Mini-Cut: November Training and Diet Cycle Update

So what happens when you exceed your target weight? Well you either keep going, or start a mini cut. I had the expectation of hitting around 175 pounds for the end of my off season. Fast forward about 4 weeks in, I kind of surpassed that. My weight hovers typically around 175-176, however last week when my period came on, I saw it hit 180. What I noticed is that I’m holding a considerable amount of water, in addition to any body fat I have going on. Now, I must admit that I haven’t been very good (AT ALL), with my water consumption. So the goal now is to simply get my water up, bring calories down a little bit, and add some cardio back into the equation.  I mean, I am SCREAMING AND CRYING like a little baby on that last part. God knows I sure as hell don’t want to add ANY cardio, but my Nicki Minaj sized bootay, and my poor stretchy 80% spandex jeans are dictating otherwise. That plus I want to keep on top of my conditioning this year, so it’s time to just do what I gotta do. Ideally, if I could pick a number, and knowing my body after all these years of competing, I want to be a lean 150-155 or so on stage (after peaking). I competed at the Olympia at 147 on stage, and I could have been far leaner – I needed to be leaner. My best looks in 2014 had me around 142-143 on stage. So my target for next year is a big jump. I can do it though, but it must MUST be done correctly.

November is the month I had planned a deloading break from training. So it’s the perfect time to ramp calories down a bit (give myself about a 10-15% deficit from my TDEE), and focus more on some fat loss with recomping as the goal. So my new split will be as follows:

Day Body Part
Sunday Off
Monday Back and Cardio (20 Mins HIIT)
Tuesday Chest and Cardio (20 Mins Intervals 1 min On/Off)
Wednesday 30 Mins SS Cardio HR @75%
Thursday Shoulders (10 Mins HIIT)
Friday Arms + Abs (No Cardio)
Saturday Legs (20 Mins Intervals 1 min On/Off)

So a 5 day strength training split, with 70 mins (1 Hour and 10 Mins) total of cardio a week.

Next will be an adjustment in my eating. I factored my TDEE by using the Mifflin Joer Formula, and that came to 2371, and if I take a 15% deficit of that, that’s leaves me at 2015 Calories for fat loss. Now, because I want to be a little more generous with my calories (and I am still in off season), and I’ve added cardio to the equation, I’m going to only stick with about a 10% deficit on training days, and a 15% on off days. So that leaves me with 2134 cals/day on training days, and still with the 2015 cals/day on off days.

I think I’m going to serious hop back on a meal plan over this mini cut. I’ve been sort of winging it, missing meals, counting along the day – or basically bullshatting – up to this point. So I definitely feel it’s time to kick things into a little bit of a high gear mode.

This mini cut will be only through the month of Nov, then I’ll reassess where I am and go from there. I’d like to hit a leaner 175 or so by the end, and focus it more on recompositioning than anything. So this will indeed be fun to watch…

More to come – including my dreaded progress photos! lol

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