Ok I preface this photo with PLEASE excuse my bed head. I literally just woke up, and my hair is a hot tranny mess, LOL. I’m about 2 weeks post show in this pic, and weighing in around 168-169 pounds. This was just about after a two week run of eating whatever I wish and simply enjoying life lol. I didn’t fully reverse diet out of my plan, just sort of gotten loosely back on it, while enjoying whatever extras I wanted, whenever I wanted.  On stage at the Olympia, I was around 147 pounds. Now remember, that’s stage weight so it’s after depleting, and drying out (I do use a diuretic – dyazide). But the weeks before the show I was sitting closer to 150-155 while dieting. Take away the dieting, add foods back in, bring up the body fat, and VOILA, 165 (and still fabulous)!  Hehe…

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