From The Notebook: Cardio Workout w/ Tabata Mix – 50 Minute Blast

So this workout is totally kick ass. I love it! I started this workout as part of a full body cardio training day during my current off season. This will be the base of what I do over the next 4 weeks, the basic set up each Wednesday, however I’ll change up the exercises for more difficulty as things get easier.

For this workout you’re going to need an interval timer. I use one on my phone (Android Phone/Samsung Galaxy) called A HIIT Timer. I absolutely LOVE that App. I’ve set up my own personal interval and tabata programs with this and can easily refer back when I want to use any one of the crazy set ups I’ve concocted. But any interval timer will do. For the tabata, you want to set up 8 rounds of 20 work/10 rest. After 8 rounds, rest 1 minute, then repeat.

Here’s the full workout:


Machine Cardio Warm-Up 20 Mins

Elliptical – set on the “Interval Setting”. For each block of low/high, I go in one direction, and then for the next block of low/high I switch direction. So basically on the PreCore machines at the gym, there are 2 low blocks, and 2 high blocks. I’ll go forward for those. When it switches back to the new set of 2 low/high blocks, I go backwards. The goal is to keep the HR constantly above 80% MHR, so I’m pushing HARD. Resistance on the low is usually around 4, on the high it’s 8-10. I’m also focusing on keeping the Strides/Min pretty high as well. On the low focusing on staying over 130, on the high trying to really stay over 120.


Weighted Tabata Circuit – 8 Mins (+ 1 Minute rest between the two circuits)

This workout is pretty intense. I use the set up with the timer as described above and just jam out. The great thing about using the A HIIT Timer app is that you can still play your music while using it, and it will still alert you of the interval time. Each exercise gets 20s, w/ only 10s between each to rest.

DB Bench Chest Fly

DB Push Press

Butt Kicks in Place

Lateral Bench Hop Over

Single Leg Bench Power Step Up  (1st Side)

Single Leg Bench Power Step Up (2nd Side)

Jump Squat

DB Push Press

— Rest 1 minute, and repeat


Machine Cardio Steady Climb 22 Mins

For this one, I head over to the Arc Trainer. I set the clock for 22 mins. For every minute that passes, I increase the resistance by one. The goal again with this one is to keep the HR above 75% MHR, and I try to maintain the Strides/Min above 120.


After this, I die on a mat, but feel accomplished to have really pushed the envelope with my cardio. I get bored easily so this is a way to really switch it up.

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