I gotta say that I REALLY love this workout. I leave the gym feeling pretty spent, and feeling that in the days after like I’ve really done something good in the gym. Now, keep in mind that this workout is more about total volume and just really giving your ALL in every set – should you follow this on your own. When I’m hitting this (and pretty much with all my workouts), the focus for me is always on how much effort I’m putting into every rep. Am I squeezing the muscle at the top of the motion enough. Am I working in a way to recruit every single muscle fiber. It’s in thinking on those terms (as opposed to constantly simply focusing on how heavy you’re lifting) that will really bring out the fullest development of the muscle over time. So without further ado, here is this week’s training program.


Olympic Bar Squats

WU 15r x 45

S1 15r 95#

S2 15r x 115#

S3 12 x 135#

S4 Same as S3

S5 8 x 155#

The goal for this squat isn’t about MAXIMAL loads. It’s about getting the muscle close to fatigue – what I call controlled failure – within 1-2 reps from full failure. So for this, I’m keeping the weights a little more on the moderate/heavy side so I can accomplish exactly that, and do so successfully.


Sumo Deadlift (Feet Turned Slightly Out)

With the sumo, you’re going to bring more tension to the glutes. So really thinking about squeezing them and keeping them fully active on both the way up AND down. Same principles as above in regards to weight. It’s not so much about maximal loads this cycle, more about firing up the muscle

S1: 135# – 15r

S2: 155# – 12r

S3: 165# 10r

S4: Same as S3



Super Set

Machine Good Morning

S1 – 15r 50#

S2 – 15r 70#

S3 – 15r 90#


DB Front Squat

S1 – 15r 30#

S2 – 15r 35#

S3 – same


Straight Sets – No Super Set

Leg Extension

Tempo – 3/2/1

S1 70# 15r

S2 85# 12r

S3 100# 10


Lying Ham Curl

S1 15r x 65#

S2 12r x 80#

S3 10r x 100#


Standing Hip Adduction

S1 – 120# x 20r

S2 – 150# x 20r

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