I have a great workout in store for this one. Be ready to experience an INSANE pump from it too. I’m playing around with time under tension in this workout, and lifting loads that are more on the moderate to heavy side. In my split this workout is the final upper body blast for the week, and I’ll typically hit it on a Friday. If you perform this workout, be sure to keep that mind/muscle connection going. Squeeze the muscle at the top of the motion, and really work on controlling the weight on the way down. I’m working with a progressive overload scheme for this session. Basically it’s a way of increasing volume for each set. So you’ll see that for some exercises, I’ll leave the number of reps the same, but the weight will increase for every set. This is a way of effectively increasing volume within a specific rep scheme. Volume has the largest impact on muscle hypertrophy, so paying attention to this variable is crucial when your goal is to make some serious GAINZ!



Seated DB Bicep Curl

2/0/2 Tempo, 70-80s Rest

S1 – 15r x 17.5#

S2 – 15r x 20#

S3 – 15r x 25#

S4 15r x 25#


Tricep Dip – Assisted

2/0/2 Tempo, 90s Rest

S1 – 10r x 143#

S2 – 11r x 143#

S3 – 10r x 143#

S4 – 10r x 143#


Concentration Preacher Curl

2/0/2 Tempo (Unless Specified), 90s Rest

S1 20r x 35#

S2 21r x 35# (Negative Reps – 4/2/1 Tempo)

S3 25r x 35#

S4 15r x 35# (Negative Reps – 4/2/1 Tempo)


Cable Tricep Extension

3/2/1 Tempo, 70-80s Rest

S1 20r x 25#

S2 20r x 30#

S3 20r x 30#


Cable Rope Hammer Curl

2/0/2 Tempo, 70-80s Rest

S1 12r x 35#

S2 15r x 35#

S3 15r x 35#


Seated Machine Extension

2/0/2 Tempo, 70-80s Rest

S1 15r + 5r at 4/2/1 Tempo x 65#

S2 Same as above

S3 Same as above

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