From The Notebook: Off Season Legs – Glute Dominant and Hamstrings – Week 1

My off season is focused on overall hypertrophy. Legs are definitely an area that I’m really trying to bring up. For the longest time, I would be afraid to train my legs because they have always been naturally “big”. But what I’ve found as I’ve gotten leaner through dieting is that I would need to always be careful that my legs don’t get too stringy as I came down. A lot of it was because, my legs could in fact use more MUSCLE, and the ratio of body fat/water etc was a little higher than I realized. So in focusing on bringing up the size of my legs, I can diet a little bit harder and not be so afraid of losing muscle, or getting too stringy, as the size would be there and hold as the show draws nearer.

So this is the start of my off season training phase for bringing up the legs. This is the first workout in a six week mesocycle where I’m hitting legs twice a week.  The following is my leg workout for the first workout during the week.


Seated Hamstring Curl

S1 – 75# x 20r

S2 – 80# x 20r

S3 – 85# x 20r

45-60s Rest btw sets. I’m starting off with these so that I can pre-exhaust the hamstrings a bit which will help me to activate the glutes a little more as I squat.


Wide Stance Squat (Plie Squat)

S1 – 135# x 12r

S2 – 135# x 12r

S3 – 155# x 8r

S4 – 155# x 9r

80-90s Rest

The goal for this entire session is pushing volume. Total volume is Amount of Weight (#) x Reps x Sets. For each set the goal is to increase the volume when this calculation is used.


Back Facing Standing Squat (Super Squat Machine) + DB Romanian Deadlift (Super Set)

All sets the same. Three sets total.

3s x 50# x 20r (Back Facing Standing Squat) + 3s x 25# x 15r

60-80s Rest


Lying Hamstring Curls (Negative Reps – 4/2/1 Tempo)

1 to curl, 2 hold, 4 Return

S1 – 65# x 12r

S2 – 70# x 10r

S3 – 75# x 8r

S4 – 80# x 10r


Seated Calf Raises (Hammer Strength)

All sets the  same. I completed however many reps I could within the given range based on fatigue and how I felt.

4s x 190# x 12-15r





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