Today’s video is going to be a real treat for you guys. I always get asked, “what do you do for legs?”. Well here is a little fly on the wall view of just one of the leg workouts I’ve hit in the last two weeks. Generally speaking, each week I build upon whatever plan I’m on, making it more difficult as the weeks go by. I start with designing a plan as a base, and then working my way to more challenging sequences every time I hit that workout. Now, if the training cycle is about 6-8 weeks long, then by the time I get to that final week, I’ve got a plan that has evolved as my body evolved and responded to the original plan. And along the way, I’m picking up some nice gains.

So this video was shot at about the two weeks in mark. And it has progressed since then (I’m about 4 weeks in since the time of this writing), you can keep an eye on the “From the Notebook” section to follow along with this workout and all the weekly progressions of it.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.

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