Off Season Lean Bulk Training Update: Switching Gears – 4 Weeks Of Fat Loss

In the process of following an off season, IMO it’s important to keep your overall objective in mind, and constantly reevaluate where you are in order to come out successful in the end. I tend to take a more unorthodox approach to my off season, even with my own clients as well. Case in point, my current cycle’s focus: fat loss.

There comes a point in the process where you have to honestly look at where you are, and determine whether you’re in a good place, or if you’re a little to far to the left or right. I have been monitoring my pics over the last 4 weeks where I was really focused on building. I haven’t had a Dexa Scan done since September, so I’m long overdue. I am very happy with where my shape is headed, but I can see that my body fat is getting a little higher than I want it to be. Honestly, I’ve been following a VERY flexible approach to my dieting, lol. Very. And although not going crazy, I am not following a plan – or at least I tried and failed at it because I just needed a break. I have tracked macros/cals occasionally using My Fitness Pal, and I’m hitting consistently around 2500-2600 cals per day. Up to this point, was doing no cardio, but I was still looking pretty good. My weight during that “time of month” shot up to around 180 pounds! I’ve never been that number like ever, it freaked me out a TINY bit, but nothing to throw me off. I think the top of my thighs rubbing together freaked me out more. LOL. What!? Just being honest!

In any case, like I mentioned above, I like to reevaluate my progress, and switch things up accordingly. I do this every  month, or at the end of a 4-6 week cycle of training/dieting. Months ago, I had already set up my macrocycle for my off season, and it’s looking something like this:

Month Focus
Sept – Oct Back and Shoulder Specialization
Nov Off Month – 1 Body Part/Day
Dec Legs (Glutes/Hams) Specialization
Jan Off Month – 1 Body Part/Day
Feb Reevaluate Objective


So the goal now is to simply get my water consumption up (it’s been TERRIBLE), bring calories down a little bit, and add some cardio back into the equation.  I mean, I am SCREAMING AND CRYING like a little baby on that last part. God knows I sure as hell don’t want to add ANY cardio, but my Nicki Minaj sized bootay, and my poor stretchy 80% spandex jeans are dictating otherwise. That plus I want to keep on top of my conditioning this year, so it’s time to just do what I gotta do. Ideally, if I could pick a number, and knowing my body after all these years of competing, I want to be a lean 150-155 or so on stage (after peaking). I competed at the Olympia at 147 on stage, and I could have been far leaner – I needed to be leaner. My best looks in 2014 had me around 142-143 on stage. So my target for next year is a big jump. I can do it though, but it must MUST be done correctly.

With Nov being an “off” month, meaning I’m not focusing on doing super amounts of volume/frequency for any specific parts, I can easily slip in a fat loss cycle and still be on track. So for this round my split is changing up like this:


Day Body Part
Sunday Off
Monday Back and Cardio (20 Mins HIIT)
Tuesday Chest and Cardio (20 Mins Intervals 1 min On/Off)
Wednesday Full Cardio Workout Day – SS/Intervals/Tabata
Thursday Shoulders (20 Mins HIIT)
Friday Arms + Abs (No Cardio)
Saturday Legs (20 Mins Intervals 1 min On/Off)


So a 5 day strength training split, with 140 mins (2 Hours and 20 Mins) total of cardio a week.

Next will be an adjustment in my eating. I factored my TDEE by using the Mifflin Joer Formula, and that came to 2371, and if I take a 15% deficit of that, that’s leaves me at 2015 Calories for fat loss. Now, because I want to be a little more generous with my calories (and I am still in off season), and I’ve added cardio to the equation, I’m going to only stick with about a 10% deficit on training days, and a 15% on off days. So that leaves me with 2134 cals/day on training days, and still with the 2015 cals/day on off days.

I’m going to seriously hop back on a meal plan over this mini cut. I’ve been sort of winging it, missing meals, counting along the way – or basically bullshitting – up to this point. So I definitely feel it’s time to kick things into a little bit of a high gear mode.

I’ll follow this for the next 4 weeks, then I’ll reassess where I am and go from there. I’d like to hit a leaner 170 or so by the end, and focus it more on recompositioning than anything. So this will indeed be fun to watch…

Check out my starting progress photos here. For the cardio workout I’m doing on Wednesdays, check it out here – From The Notebook: Cardio Workout w/ Tabata Mix – 50 Minute Blast.

More to come!

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