Progress Photos: October 11, 2014 – Off Season: 174.6 Pounds and Starting IGF1 LR3

Things are moving along very well for me, and I’m really pleased with where I am currently. My weight is up considerably post Olympia. I was around 147 on stage, 3 weeks later I’m at 174.6. Now I’ve got to admit, my diet hasn’t been the best post show. Lots of treats here and there as I please, eating out, and just enjoying some “normalcy”. I’m not sorry about it either because I was kind of struggling the last few months of my prep trying to find that balance. Mentally drained from competing so much this year, and just worrying if I’d make it to the Olympia, I was ready to take a step back and be like everybody else. I didn’t rebound post show. I had the typical water gain one would expect to see. I did hold a lot more water in my legs than usual this time around, but that will dissipate as the next few weeks go by and my body finds some homeostasis again.

Considering all of that, I’m still in good shape and some lines can still be seen. Recently, I had decided to include the research peptide IGF-1 LR3 to my supplement stack. IGF-1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor 1) is naturally produced in the body, particularly post weight training when the greatest release of Growth Hormone occurs. IGF-1 works in conjunction with GH, it is one of the main peptides responsible for muscle growth.  The amount of growth hormone produced in the body declines by the time we’re in our 20s. So by 30s, the amount produce drops down to more than half. This is part of the reason why it becomes harder as you get older to grow and keep muscle, particularly in the face of dieting, or if you’re looking to build. IGF-1 LR3 is non steroidal, however it is on the WADA list so if you compete in natural shows elevated IGF-1 levels may trigger a positive result in a blood test. Just be sure to consider that if you are researching if this peptide is right for you.

So I’m supplementing with IGF-1 LR3 which is an altered version of natural IGF-1. The version contains a bond of the amino acid arginine, and it allows the IGF-1 to remain active in the body for about 20 hours, as opposed to unaltered IGF-1 which has a half life of about 10 MINUTES! Nonetheless, this peptide is responsible for enhancing muscle growth and lipolysis (fat loss). So I think I’m seeing myself tighten up a little bit since having started it. I can tell my energy is up in the gym, and I always feel super pumped. I’m going to take it for about 3 weeks before taking a break from it and let my body rest completely from any kind of extras. As of this post, I’ve been on it for 1 week.

In any case, here are this week’s photos, keeping the above in mind.


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