Training Tips – Leg Workout, Volume Training, and Getting The Most Out of Your Leg Program (Non Member Content)

Today’s blog post is really all about the legs. I’ve always been lucky in that for me, legs are a pretty dominant muscle on me. But that’s not to say that I didn’t have to work to develop them all the same. While my quads are glutes have always been pretty full, my hamstrings and my calves sort of lag behind when it comes to symmetry and development. So I’m making it a POINT to really push my leg training this off season and to bring up those weak areas.

One of the things I started to do was train legs twice a week. The first workout of the week brings focus to hip dominant moves, and then strength work and isolated moves for the glutes and hamstrings specifically. I can say that I’m already starting to see some nice improvements from this, and look forward to seeing how the next 4-5 months shapes up with my leg development.

Today’s video clip is a brief view into this workout, along with some tips on how you too can get the most out of working the legs. One of the things I touch upon is VOLUME and TIME UNDER TENSION. These are the two most important factors that influences hypertrophy.


To see the full length Members Only video click here:  FULL LENGTH TRAINING VIDEO – HIP DOMINANT LEGS, GLUTES AND HAMS

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