How Being In My Late 30s Changed My Fitness

LOL, we should start calling this sentimental Monday… lol

Because my goal every Monday is to simply share something with you – directly from the heart – that makes you think, and that more importantly puts a fire under you.

You know my story has lead me to finding fitness and working out at an early age. I was about 15 or 16 when I KNEW that I had to be a personal trainer, or fitness professional of some sort.

I would OBSESSIVELY get up at the crack of dawn to watch Monica Brant, Kiana Tom, and Carla Dunlap on those weight training shows on ESPN back in the day. I mean OBSESSED.

And for me, fitness has always been a kind of outlet.
Now, I’ll admit, there were times I abused it as I fought my own insecurities to try to mold a body that standards of society felt acceptable. Overtraining, not resting, being in the gym WAY TOO MUCH.

But, over the decades I’ve grown from that… And can even say, right now, in my late 30s (I’m 38 now) I have a newfound respect for it.

And honestly, it’s a thing I try to teach my clients. Because to me coaching isn’t just about giving someone a diet and a training program, and expecting that alone to work miracles for them… No. It’s deeper.

** It’s about helping clients to truly find the LOVE in what we do.

** It’s about helping clients to see that fitness has the power to greatly IMPACT everything in their lives.

** It’s about helping clients to find their voice, regain their confidence, and seeing that this act of taking care of oneself is something that permeates to ALL facets of our existence.

And THAT’S what fitness has become to me.

Sometimes I wish I could just shout this from the rooftops and EVERYONE could hear it.

I often become frustrated that good advice is drowned out by the noise of the nonsense, the fads, and the gimmicks.


I wake up THANKFUL each and every single day that I DO get to spread this message of inspiration, of support, of clarity, and of simple love for something that can impact each of our lives – and have YOU to inspire.

So what I’m trying to say is that, as I’ve gotten older fitness has taken on a whole new meaning. Not only is it about shaping the best body I can (no matter what my age), but also it’s about giving myself the opportunity to live life to the fullest…

It’s about showing MYSELF how strong I am – and can be physically and mentally.

And it’s also about seeing for myself how I can set a goal, keep my eyes focused, and make even my wildest dreams come true… Whether that dream is the perfect body in my head, stepping on stage, lifting weights twice my size…

What it teaches me intrinsically, is that I can set my mind to accomplish ANYTHING. And honestly… It’s because of that lesson through fitness that I have.

I hope today’s message inspired you!

Listen, if you’re at a place in your own journey where you know you that you want and you NEED MORE out of your training…

Come and talk to me:

It’s free! And just about an hour of your time.

It’s time for you to do something about it, stop sitting back and saying “maybe”, life’s too short.. And like they said in Ferris Bueller…

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. ”

Let’s discuss your goals – and what it is you really want to accomplish…

Talk soon,

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