Resisting Temptation

Trying day today, I swear I almost KILLLLLLEDD someone. I won’t get into it because I’m over it now. But boy was I pissed as hell. And what pissed me most are the 2 miles I had to walk.  Done, done, aaaaand done.
Al Pacino’s sitting in front of a cookie on my tv screen, I want that cookie so bad, lol.I did have a granola bar today, an oat and dark chocolate one. Aaand it fit really well into my macro’s so it’s not even a cheat. Yum yum, that helped with some cravings I was having without going astray. I hit up the gym with cardio, 45 mins (15 to warm up SS, then intervals 30 mins after workout). My workout was a total body kick asser, high volume, high intensity, heart rate up, calorie burn on.

I’m just riding out the rest of this week, steadily ascending into the 2 week out mark. I just ordered my Liquid Sun Rayz! Yeaaa. Can’t wait to play with my tan.


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