My body has normalized itself. I feel good. I’ve steadily been bringing myself back up to my normal weight which tends to hover about 7-8 lbs above my contest weight. I’ve been working out just 3-4 days a week. Basically just back to a normal grind.

I am doing double workouts on some days though which has been a great new challenge for my body. I’ve been eating as I normally do, I tend to eat clean all year with indulgences when I feel like having it. This time around though I have decided to not allow my nightly glass of wine. I’m also trying to drink more water. Failed miserably at that yesterday, drank none. And now I’m super dehydrated lol.

Another big thing that’s about to happen is that next week I’m having breast augmentation surgery. I’m so excited. Ten years of wanting and waiting and I’m finally taking the plunge. It’s mindblowing to think that by his time next week my body will be COMPLETELY different. My surgery is set for Nov 4th. I found an amazing doctor in Beverly Hills. This of course means that I won’t be able to work upper body for about 4-6 wks. My doc will clear me for cardio and lower body after 2 wks. So as far as competing is concerned, I think I may skip the March show I was considering and just focus on May and then Team Universe, and the USAs after that. Either way, I’ll have a great new rack to go with my great new suit!

Stay tuned for more “developments”. Lol


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